Energetic Clearing

of Past and Present Lives to Help This Life and Your Future Lives

Shelley Ackrill was gifted this energetic clearing from spirit to clean your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Energetic bodies from your past lives and the heritage that was associated with them, that you have brought forward into this life.

Do you have aches, dizziness, health issues, pain, fear, depression and more issues that you can’t explain?  Do you gain weight or have eating habits that keep coming back no matter what you do?  Could the cause be from a past life or lives that are continuing to manifest in this lifetime?  We have cellular memory and that knee pain could be from lifetimes of being a warrior and the injuries perpetrated upon your body then and remaining to this day, as it did to me.  Something to think about.

Depending on the number of lives you have had and the depth of issues needing clearing, the clearing can take up to a few weeks to complete.  You have no need to know what life the anger that is surfacing came from, just acknowledge it and let it go. “Oh, I feel angry.  I release you.”  It’s that easy.  You may also release in your dream state.  Just let it go.  This is from the past and you are moving forward to the highest and best that you are to be in this lifetime, without the encumbrances that may be holding you back, unknowingly.

I strongly suggest that you have the clearing done before the energetic stem cell therapy.  This will clear the old cellular memories before the stem cells are applied so they have a clear path to multiply.

The clearing is very deep into past lives and broad with all the heritage associated with those past lives.  I encourage you to read my clients’ testimonials of how the clearing has helped them and their animals. After you receive a clearing, do this grounding meditation at bedtime each night.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy” and because of this,  I will clear your energy remotely.

I feel so much lighter, have more joy and a healthier outlook on life. I didn’t know I was carrying that much  from my genealogy.  The past two nights I slept like a baby.  Hard time getting up so took it more slowly than normal.  Thank you for all your support, clearing and help on my healing journey.    

Charisse S., Georgia

Shelley’s Special 2020 Price

Clearing Option: Energetic Clearing for Past, Present
& Future Lives

Session Includes:

  • Questionnaire for Shelley to work from
  • After consultation, Shelley confirms your appointment with the Akashic Records.
  • Shelley clears your physical, emotional, mental and energy fields of past and present lives of traumatic memories and history from those heritage lines.
  • Remote Distance Healing

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* Retail Value $800 US

Energy Harmony For All Souls

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