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I am grateful to have the opportunity to help people deal with life’s challenges. Below are some of the stories collected over the years from people who have chosen to share their experiences.

I feel wonderful!! I seem to be holding my own and not aging in any way. My hair seems to be getting darker and is more brown than grey. My wrinkles are not getting worse. I feel these are the best days of my life. Much love and light to you.
Nancy, Wyoming, 2018

poopsieI live in Phoenix Arizona but I’ve worked with Shelley for years.  Recently I told her about my Boston Terrier named Poopsie and her surgery.  She was born with luxating patellas, had both knees corrected at the same time and wasn’t recovering well.  Shelley immediately told me to send her a picture and she’d “work on her”.  I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I sent a photo of poor Poopsie anyway – off to Canada with it.  Well a couple of days later my dog started having much more mobility than she had in the past, and we hadn’t changed anything at home.  When we took Poopsie for her follow up with the surgeon he was amazed at how far along she was, exclaiming, “The flexibility and strength she already has is unusual, normally this is when I’d tell you she can start trying to walk.” This came after he saw her march into his office on a leash like nothing had ever happened.

I don’t know exactly what Shelley did, but Poopsie’s recovery can only be described in one word, AMAZING.  I’ve never met anyone like you, Shelley. I appreciate it more than you know.

Maggie C. Phoenix

patriciaI would like to say a big thank you again and to let you know how grateful I am that we connected. The healing is still going on many levels and sometimes it feels like I am living in a dream.

“I am still so charged up and expanded and it feels great.” I am so grateful to have received this life transformational experience, it truly feels magical.

“I had 3 months sessions and each time I felt better than the time before. I am now able to look into the moment with ease, and I have a clear focus and direction with my life that I had not had before the sessions. I am sincerely grateful to have come across the most beautiful and wonderful woman like you Shelley.   Thank you.

Patricia A., Montreal

angelinaShelley, your energy work over the last 3 months has made me feel embraced, cocooned and supported. Within 4 days of the first month of energy, I experienced an important shift from helplessness to absolute certainty. As a facilitator I often want more for my participants than they want for themselves. If you mandate someone to take you through a process it means you are serious about the journey you are about to take.

However, change is what humans dislike the most. I had 2 sessions left of facilitating leadership to this group of leaders when I began receiving your energy work. In my second to last session I observed myself letting go the feeling of helplessness in getting them to be the change they wanted to see … to seeing for the first time with great clarity why this group was unable to embrace this change. What a feeling of exhilaration that was for me, a veil had removed itself and now I could see exactly why business in general was struggling with leadership. I can’t thank you enough for this clarity it is changing the scope of my understanding of leadership.

As you continued to do the work, I continued to feel lightness in my body which has resulted in releasing weight, gone down 3 dress sizes and feeling and looking younger. I am ecstatic to know this could happen by simply releasing emotions. It is with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation that I thank you.

Angelina A., Montreal

When Shelley asked if I wanted to take part in her healing work, I said absolutely.  My first experience was the old emotions coming to the fore and showing me how to deal with them.  Now I rarely think about them.  It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.  My pain has eased but has not yet gone.  I feel if I keep working on getting rid of the negatives, things will continue to improve.  So my journey continues thanks to Shelley.

Margaret B., St. Catharines

Shelley’s work has been amazing.  I can see better and have much less crustiness around my eyes in the morning.  I’m hearing better due to much less earwax.  I had so much before the energy work.  My knee by the end of the second month was so much better that one visit to the osteopath and it is working better pain free.  Now I can do my spring cleaning pain free and with more energy.  This is great!!

Helen T., Vineland

Shelley assisted me through a dark time by helping me to identify some inner demons that were repeatedly casting me back to my past and preventing me from advancing forward to the future with my philosophy and purpose.  Thanks again Shelley!

Dr. Scott M., Lincoln

Our 15 year old son Jack was in a skateboarding accident.  He required surgery to repair a compound fracture and torn tendon in his knee.   Jack’s elbow needed some stitching and a good part of his upper body was covered in road burn.  Needless to say he was in extreme pain and required morphine for the first few days when he got home from the hospital.  We got a call from Shelley who offered to come over and do some energy work on Jack. She told us it could help with getting rid of some pain and aid in his healing process.  Jack was very interested when we asked him, so Shelley came over on day three post-op.

We did not know what to expect and we were encouraged to stay and watch.  Jack was quiet at first and he suddenly started to feel something happen to him.  As Shelley worked on him, he told us that it felt like a breeze going through him and he felt a pop coming out of his big toe.  She continued to work on all his limbs.  After this treatment his pain level decreased and Jack did not require any morphine that night.  The next morning he had little to no pain.  He continued healing.  His surgeon needed to reopen his wound and Shelley worked on him once more.  His pain level was not as high as it was the initial surgery but the treatment again was effective.

Janice & Sandy B.  Vineland

My mother had two strokes that left her unable to speak very well.  When I learned that I could communicate with animals, I thought I would try to communicate with mum. I was blown away, as was she when I answered her question. The look on her face was total shock. For six years she was locked up inside her head and now she could be heard. Thus began our communicating again on a two way street.

Mum crossed into spirit in 2013 but she was able to tell me what she wanted for her funeral.

Shelley Ackrill, St. Catharines

Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so very very much. It is all so beautiful and everything I have hoped for, for Tigger. He came in from the backyard with a soft toy that he’d found that he must have buried a very long time ago . . . and carried it around for about 40 minutes, finding places to hide it. He used to do that thing a lot years ago. He loved having a special toy that he carried everywhere with him, but he hasn’t done it for several years now, until yesterday! Much love, and thanks.

Lara and Tigger (Husky mix, age 14 yrs), Australia, 2018

I found a baby bird late one evening and because it could not fly I took it home so the night animals would not kill it.  The next morning I asked Shelley to look at it and ask if it was injured.  It was fine but told her he wanted his mother.  When Shelley was communicating with the bird, it stopped fluttering and calling and looked directly into Shelley’s eyes.  I took it back to where I found it and the mother was waiting.  It was quite the reunion.  He had a lot to tell her about his adventure.

Pam (Beamsville 4Paw Rescue)

melissa-portraitThank you from the bottom of my heart for the sessions. They were very powerful, resulting in amazing positive changes in my mental body! I feel released from many shades of sadness, harsh feelings, worries and almost constant inner disharmony giving space to peace and gladness of the heart.

This experience is like stepping out of a winter blizzard to a beautiful meadow full of flowers with the sun smiling at me, and I am dancing full of joy! The old disturbing and negative thought process is GONE !!!!

Your energy work has released my heart from a locked jar in which I was able to see the world only through the glass, but now I am free to enjoy LIFE!

God bless You, with much love and gratitude.

Melissa P., Montreal

Shelley, when Angelina asked us if we wished to participate in this energy work we gladly said yes because we have been experiencing energy through other modalities and we felt this could help us as well. My husband and I are both in our eighties and often experience discomfort that goes with aging.

However, we are both discovering that emotions we have experienced in our lifetime remain within in our bodies. So it was an interesting experience to release these emotions without going through the why’s they were there to begin with. There were moments in which we both experienced discomfort but we can honestly say we felt taken care of and supported by the energy you sent. My legs are doing much better, I look and feel younger and the greying of our hairs has reversed back to black. How much better can this get!!!

My husband and I laugh more and life is more enjoyable. We wish to express our gratitude and love for the wonderful work you do.

Assunta and Alberto A., Montreal

Shelley is extremely intuitive and she has been involved in energy healing for at least thirty years.   Shelley asked if she could do some energy work on me from a distance as I suffer from arthritis in my neck.  This pain that has been with me for many years has greatly decreased, and I find myself completely energized.  I so appreciate her intuitiveness and offer this statement with deepest gratitude.

Beverly H., Windsor

Update: 3 months later and my pain is completely gone. I am thrilled. Your energy is very strong Shelley and I never felt it before. I could actually feel it going underneath me and around me, twice, and I am miles away from you. I had a great sleep. Thank you.

scrappyWhen Scrappy was rescued, I never thought he would walk again. He had 2 broken legs that healed by themselves, 2  broken toes and the back ligaments that had to be repaired. Thank you Shelley for giving Scrappy the opportunity to walk, run and live again. You have the magic healing touch! You are a true angel.

Pam (Beamsville 4Paw Rescue)

Update: Scrappy (now Sparky) due to his loving nature is healthy and well in his forever home.

Since working with Shelley I have experienced a dramatic reduction of whole body muscle spasms, especially in my hands, shoulders and legs.  This has allowed a strengthening of said muscles thus enabling me to increase my physio sessions from 3 times a week to 7 times weekly. My physiotherapist assistant is surprised with my progress and stamina.  I am able to stand longer and lift my legs to now be able to walk with handrails and take 5 steps forward and backward.  This after being told I would never walk again.  My thinking ability is much more clear and easy.  My energy has increased dramatically and my sleeping has greatly improved.  I am feeling much stronger and the blue days (depressed feeling) have all but gone.

I attribute all of this to Shelley and her work.  “Thank you” seems to be inadequate for all she has helped me with these past few months.  She is very special and precious to me.

Deborah M., Beamsville

** Update: A year later and I am walking 126 steps with my walker. I am waiting for a spot in a rehab facility. I feel so positive and can’t wait to get there.

I have such a feeling of peace and calm and nothing seems to bother me the way it would before.  My hands, arms and shoulders are feeling stronger and don’t tire as quickly.  I don’t have the pain in my shoulder blades and seem to have more mobility with them.  I can now do more work in the house and garden with more ambition.  After so many years, this is wonderful.

Lydia M., St. Catharines

My beloved Honey was rescued from three weeks of abandonment with no food or water.  When my friend and rescuer brought her to me because no one could do anything with her, Honey and I immediately bonded and she is my sweet girl. I helped her with her great fear of dogs resulting from an unprovoked dog attack. Private dog training has resulted in her now having doggy friends and not freaking out when meeting a dog on our walks.  She is still anxious but the barking and lunging have greatly diminished and she is wagging her tail. She covers babies to the elderly with love and kisses so her potential is limitless.  I am so grateful to be able to help her and all living souls.

Honey and Shelley A., St. Catharines

**Update: A year later and Honey has more doggy friends. When we meet dogs on our walks she wants to play with them.

May the white light of God be in, around and through you.

Shelley Ackrill

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